Check Out a Monster Truck Perform a Front Flip

It’s not all that uncommon to see monster truck drivers pull off backflips during Monster Jam shows. In fact, backflips have become pretty common in these competitions, and monster truck drivers pull them off routinely without too much fanfare.

But a front flip? As of March 2017, it had never been done before, and it’s not hard to see why. Monster trucks are gigantic machines that aren’t made to pull off front flips, so most drivers haven’t even spent much time thinking about trying to do one, much less attempting to pull one off during a competition.

However, that’s exactly what driver Lee O’Donnell did during the Monster Jam World Finals last year. He was behind the wheel of VP Racing Fuel’s Mad Scientist during a freestyle ride at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. Shortly after doing a backflip off a container, he found himself riding on his back two wheels and heading in the direction of a ramp. He hit the ramp, and much to everyone’s surprise, his truck lurched forward and flipped over before landing on all four wheels successfully. It was an amazing, albeit lucky, maneuver that made O’Donnell the first Monster Jam driver to ever pull off a front flip.

O’Donnell didn’t end up winning the competition that day. He actually ended up upside-down a short time later after trying another trick and had to be helped out of his truck. But he escaped without any injuries and captivated those inside and outside of the monster truck world with his incredible flip.

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