A Look at the Monster Jam Headquarters

Monster Jam Headquarters It’s not hard to appreciate all that monster trucks can do when you sit down and watch a Monster Jam Live event. However, if you really want to gain an appreciation for monster trucks, then you should take a look at what goes on behind the scenes at the Monster Jam World headquarters, which are located in Palmetto, Florida.

Inside of the massive Monster Jam headquarters, mechanics work hard to put together every truck that takes part in Monster Jam events. From the gigantic frames that are used to create trucks, which are all custom built, to the suspensions that have to live up to every twist and turn that Monster Jam drivers throw at their trucks, almost every part that goes into a truck is created at the headquarters. Even the seats that are used by Monster Jam drivers are tailor made to fit each of them. The goal is to provide drivers with the best experience possible so that they can wow audiences who attend events while staying safe.

The biggest change that the mechanics at the Monster Jam headquarters have had to deal with in recent years involves the use of locking differentials. Most monster trucks used to rely on open differentials because they made it simpler for drivers to drive. But they didn’t always provide them with the best traction, which is why locking differentials are now the norm. They help drivers pull off a bigger array of tricks when they climb behind the wheel.

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